The Grind Detail HALT (Detail from Dysfunctional)


Lost in technology

Current exhibition: Epicenter Stockholm, Mäster Samuelsgatan – ongoing.

Recent: Project “Retroactive Sweetspot”, 16 August – 17 September 2022, solo show Restaurant Riche – Stockholm’s most established and vibrant combination of art and dining.

Previous significant exhibitions: 15-30 September 2018: Berlin Art Week, joint exhibition “42 Contemporary Artists” curated by Enter Art Foundation, Germany. Gerichstrasse 12, Berlin. More info, click HERE. September – November 2016, Lost In Technology at Höstsalongen by Fotografiska.

October 2016, Affordable Art Fair Stockholm. April 2016 the show was covering the walls of Restaurant Riche. 

For pricing and exhibitions, please visit our Sweden rep: SCAM Gallery. 

Background: Lost In Technology is a tribute to the obsolete electronics that influenced previous generations. Groundbreaking in its time – now forever lost.

It examines topics such as human exposure in an urban world. What happens when dreams of utopia turns into dystopia?

The work is a commentary on technology’s relentless progress and development – and the values that might get lost in the process. What happened to us, the ones constantly left in the wake of technology?

Exclusive hi-tech far from mobile phone apps and the sparkling future of a digital revolution. A Brave New World in decay.

All photo prints are moulded onto 6mm optiwhite glass. Sizes vary from 80 cm to 2,5 meters. Please send an inquiry for individual size and pricing HERE or go to SCAM Gallery for more. CLICK THE IMAGES, AND THEY WILL APPEAR WITH THE RIGHT PROPORTIONS.